Claus Jürgen Klüglich

 Claus Jürgen Klüglich

*1951 in Altena / Germany
Living and working in Aachen and Berlin  

Since 2012 I have been working with photography, exploring various aspects of culture and nature in urban environments.
Before, I ran a youth art school for 22 years until 2016.
In addition to my work, I have always been involved with art.

social pedagogy (FH Düsseldorf)
cultural management (Fernuniversität Hagen)


Inkjet-prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 g fine art paper

available on request - post(at)




Portfolio-Review EMOP - European Month of Photography, Berlin  (on invitation)

Trienniale of Photography Hamburg 2018  (on invitation)

FORMAT - Portfolio-Reviews at Unseen - Festival Amsterdam 2017

Portfolio-Review Festival "Sichtbar", Köln 2016



City under Cover  
Exhibition in Alsdorf, gallery of the city library



Excerpts from LensCulture Reviews 


(I have never been to) Valparaiso
LensCulture Award “Critic´s Choice 2020”  -  Review

..."This series of photographs transported me back into 80s/90s visual culture (MTV flashed in my mind). Saturated color, chaotic compositions, and the visual disturbance from photographing a screen, all blend together to enliven a kinetic energy in the work.

A true success in your approach is conveying a sense of vibrance through both words and images. I first review portfolios without reading the supplementary text as a way to compare my own reactions with the artist's intent. Here, "color" was a keyword in my first impressions that you clearly expressed as a major point of focus through your statement. Message received!

It's also interesting how the images may provoke questions for the viewers. What is a photograph? What role does a photographer play? Here, despite creating images from someone else's images (property of Google), you have reframed 360 degrees of information spread through a large portion of the globe, and chose a frame in the composition of your choice. It's merely the perspective that you were unable to change"....."



 "Urban Green"
LensCulture “Emerging Talent Award 2019” - Review

"This is an interesting, timely project idea and you have a good eye for subject matter - I liked the project. The project hangs together well, with each image building on the last. The plants take on personalities but you do not anthropomorphize them. Instead, the repetition emphasises their thematic importance. This works well, int is a 'photographers approach' - the works are neutral, qhiet and full of observation. I found this aspect of the work quite sophisticated.

Your best image here is shot 3 (plants in a dark backyard in Manhattan). The light and composition, and the dull glow of the moss and plants works so nicely against the architecture. It is absolutely New York, but you make me think of the city in terms of its green hints (albeit there are too few of these.) You turn the city a little with this image, giving the plants an emphasis which is really important and of the moment in terms of the global dialogue around ecology. But not in a 'grandstanding' way."


"Venice in Disguise"    
Series with images from Venice, Italy. Now integrated in the series “City under Cover”

LensCulture “Exposure Award 2017” Review   

"This is a fascinating take on the city of Venice, one of the most-photographed cities in the world. Yet you have single-handedly turned the sightseer's dream on its head. I admire your originality and way of thinking outside the box about Venice, about seeing, for that matter. Your documentation reminds all photographers to keep looking until they see the world differently than everyone else. Your personal vision is inspirational. (Remind me to never show you my photos of Venice)"



 "Urban Green"
LensCulture “Exposure Award 2017” - Review

"Congratulations on this very poignant and inquisitive portfolio, Claus. I was drawn to these photographs immediately, there is something very familiar about these photographs to me. Your compositions are all individually very strong and work together in a series. (...) The fact that these photographs were created all around the world but all hit the same note is also quite an accomplishment."



Urban Green 
LensCulture “Emerging Talent Award 2016” – Review

"The first thing I was drawn to with this project was the sensitivity paid to design and composition. I appreciated how your perspective of these scenes gives equal visual weight to plants and the architectural spaces they are located. This is a major strength of the work. The obvious visual commentary of how we "beautify" or adorn our structures is ironic and calls into question why we feel compelled to bring nature back into spaces we have intentionally removed nature from. (...) Your concept is strong as are your compositions."




Art with children

Samples of my work with children in the youth art school.



A Friend: Uwe Jahn (Malerei)