Claus Jürgen Klüglich


City Under Cover

Construction sites show where a city is changing and where renovations and new building constructions are taking place. Instead of the buildings one can see tarpaulins. The veiled construction sites change the streetscape and disturb the usual view.
A Lisbon trip in 2012 was the trigger to photograph veiled buildings. Since then, they magically attract me.
In the photos the aesthetic qualities of the veil become visible.
The large, empty surfaces look like canvases waiting to be painted, or screens on which ideas are projected. Completely veiled buildings transform into abstract sculptures.
The selection of photos that I have put together, highlights the beauty and diversity of the particular veil, that since I discovered and photographed since in many places.
Although the place can often only be guessed, the series can also be understood as a kind of virtual walk through a single, mysterious “City under Cover".