Claus Jürgen Klüglich


City Under Cover

 Construction sites indicate where a city is changing and where renovation and new constructions are taking place. Instead of the buildings one can see tarpaulins. Sometimes only the facade is imposed, in other cases, completely or partially free-standing buildings are entirely covered. The veiled construction sites change the streetscape and disturb the usual view. This condition is in most cases accepted as it is normally not a permanent state.

   I take photographs of such veiled buildings. In my photos, the veiling lose its practical functions, leaving behind large empty surfaces and shapes, which do not necessarily resemble the underlying architecture. Scaffolding adds volume and roof forms disappear behind the veiling.

   In my photos, the aesthetic qualities of the veils become visible whereas the profane construction sites become abstract sculptures. The documentary function of photography recedes into the background.

   The selection of photos that I have put together under the title "City Under Cover" accentuates the beauty and variety of the veils that I have discovered and photographed in many places. Each picture stands for itself. The viewer can just see enough of the surroundings of these sculptures that in some cases the location can be guessed.

   Viewing the series in succession, it becomes a kind of virtual walk through a conceivable made-up veiled city. This surreal city may hold secrets and radiates a peculiar poetry.