Claus Jürgen Klüglich



On the waterfront, the view goes rather downwards to the ground and the first meters of the water surface than into the distance. The water line replaces the horizon in the pictures. The ground borders on the water and the sky at the same time.The images show only the reflecting water surface, no opposite shore. Trees protrude from above into the images. The large variety of green, brown and blue tones creates peace.

However, they also trigger completely ambivalent feelings and activate my early memories as a child.
I remember standing in felt slippers on the river behind our house, collecting stones and looking at the water, at a safe distance.
Under my feet is solid ground, but very near the water surface, with all its dangers: depth, shallows, currents and in winter ice, which might not carry.
What will happen when I go a step further?
Even if I stand still, the water might rise and become dangerous to me.