Claus Jürgen Klüglich


Urban Green

The flowerpots on walkways in Kyoto would not have struck me if they had not always been standing in front of houses together with miniature Torii.

Several long rows of carefully cultivated green plants in a very dark, secluded backyard in Manhattan, or a lonely gum tree in a deserted Parisian passage, seem similarly odd. All these plants tell a lot about the meaning of nature.

To abandon nature entirely does not seem possible. Even the architects of an impressive administration building in Lisbon obviously felt compelled to integrate nature into their project. They put "real" trees as decoration on a dazzling white concrete panel - the only green in the large complex.

"Urban Green" is my attempt to explore the cultural boundaries and limits of the term "nature" and find images in urban environments.




















































































































Images shot in:

Paris, France
Kyoto, Japan
Manhattan, New York
Tokyo, Japan
Lisbon, Portugal
Berlin, Germany
Venice, Italy
Aachen, Germany
Münster, Germany

Liege, Belgium